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Activity Fields
In line with its basic objective of supporting municipal investments Iller Bank may;
  • Provide finance,
  • Develop projects,
  • Provide consulting and technical services,
  • Manage projects,
  • Distribute shares allocated from general budget to local administrations,
  • In order to supply resource to the Bank, make, or have it made, applications with profit motive real estate projects provided that no contingent liabilities and obligations for project resource is required,
  • Make, or have it made, special projects and urban infrastructure projects and building works requested by the Ministry,
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign financial institutions,
  • Supply resources from domestic and foreign financial institutions, money and capital markets, and all kind of funds,
  • Buy, sell, rent, lease all kinds of vehicles, securities and real estate; establish pros and cons of mortgages, pledges, usufruct, easements, encumbrances on real estate and other partnerships,
  • Give internationaldesign andconsulting services in the scope of its working field provided that no funding is supplied out of its own resources and the condition is not contrary to the Banking Law,
  • To mediate the use of funding provided for the implementation of projects,
  • Supply Education and information activities for “common administrations”