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Within the framework of the development initiative launched after the War of Independence, Iller Bankası A.Ş., undertaking great duties and responsibilities in the reconstruction and construction of the city and towns, with the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's instructions;
  • Was founded with a capital of 15 million under the name “Belediyeler Bankası” to finance reconstruction activities of municipalities in 11 June 1933 with subject to the law numbered 2301.
  • In accordance with the Bank Charter Act, with the idea of taking into consideration that only the municipalities are involved in activities for the organization's capital, rapid population growth and increasing urbanization in parallel to meet the credit needs, the need of financial resources and technical assistance of Special Provincial Administrations and villages that are excluded from this assistance and the need of expansion of scope of activities, it was thought that “Belediyeler Bankası” should have different structure and as a result, a draft law was prepared in 29.07.1944 and presented to Parliament. The name of the bank was changed to “Iller Bankası” during the debate of the draft law in Budget Committee.
  • Iller Bankası, including Special Provincial Administrations, Municipalities and Villages, was formally established by undertaking tasks of “Belediyeler Bankası” with Law No.4759, which came into effect after acceptance in 13.06.1945 and publishing in Official Gazette in 23.06.1945.
  • The bank was then renamed as “İller Bankası A.Ş.” in accordance with the law no. 6107 which was accepted by the Parliament in 26.01.2011 and published in Official Gazette in 08.02.2011.
  • Iller Bankası A.Ş. is a development and investment bank in status of special-budget joint-stock company with subject to the provisions of private law and having legal personality.